"PHOTOGRAPHY" for me...
...simple word which contains all the world...
...world painted with light, enchanted in numbers...
...since i remember it was always around me... inside me...
...allows to create world as we see him our eyes...
...before accidentally, now with premeditation...
Each day faithful with principle Repetitio Mater Studiorum Est, so when i'm holding camera
i know that always more is behind me then before.
Open on any proposals of cooperation.
I live in Krakow / Poland
I graduated from the Academy of Photography in Krakow
Now studying at the School of Photography "Kwadrat" in Wrocław
STUDIO STATION owner of a professional photo studio in Krakow
14.11.2014 - exhibition, Krakow, Shine - a series of Intimacy
28.11.2014 - opening, Warsaw, picutres Art Bar - Achaja
18.12.2014 - exhibition, Warsaw, picutres Art Bar - Achaja
I worked with Tesco, X-com, Interia, Aero Club of New Market, Dignitally, Jacek Moryl Kravmaga, Teatr Stary Krakow,Factory, Platinum, Aviator, Art Alternative School, La Strada, Luxury Models Agency, Make Shake, Moryl Team, MaxModels, Fabrka Slow, Aeroclub Nowy Targ
Thank you!
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